Two Fans, Two Personalities
INN03D introduces its new cooling solution, the iCHILL X3 JEKYLL was designed around NVIDIA's GeForce RTX series factoring in the sheer power and performance of the RTX 20 series, with the first beneficiary‘s being the INN03D GeForce RTX 2070 and RTX 2080. The iCHILL X3 JEKYLL is armed to the teeth to allow heat dissipation and airflow optimisation so that you can push your high-end graphics card to the absolute limit.

JEKYLL after the famous novella "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". the essence of this story digs deep into the mind of this troubled character who battles between two personality traits, struggling to fend off the evil side within himself. On the basis of this the iCHILL X3 JEKYLL exemplifies the Brutal by Nature ethos that is combined with groundbreaking 2-facia switching cooling system design.
GeForce‘ RTX graphics cards are powered by the Turing GPU architecture and the all new RTX platform, This gives you up to 6X the periormance of previous-generalion graphics cards and brings the power of real-time ray tracing and Al to games.
Innovative Switching Cooling System Design
Here's how does the switching cooling system design works. Depending on your operating preference, the iCHILL X3 JEKYLL can switch the fan facia from a three 9cm Sythe blade fan cooler for performance to a two 10cm 15 blade Turbine blade fan cooler for quiet operation, as With the Switching of dual personas of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Vibrant RGB Lighting
The iCHILLX3 JEKYLL RGB lighting will turn your PC into a disco or if you're a millenial it's reminiscent of the famous Fast and Furious franchise where they made neon lights cool again, it also has a backplate to for reinforcement that also displays the RGB lighting.
AI Temperature Control
The new Al Temperature control system is built in the ICHILL X3 JEKYLL version while the temperature sensor covers the memory and power component. The system adjusts the fan speed by correcting fan duty cycle and number of fans. The Ai temperature control comes with an OLED display that shows [1] GPU, [2] memory, [3] power component and [4] fan speed monitor in real time.
Cooling Technology
This piece at kit is not only visually appealing but has the substance to back it up as breifly mentioned, The iCHILL X3 JEKYLL is equipped With Sythe fan blades to maximise the high airtlow to cool the processor and memory allowing the heat to quickly be transferred through the 6 heatpipes towards the 140 alueminum fins where the heat exits and guided out of the gaming rig. Made for hardcore gamers, enthusiasts and overclockers With a 'never surrender' mindset.
100mm Quiet Fan Design Dual Cooling
Fan Designed with 15 Turbine blades, the 100mm Dual Cooling Fan is specially designed for gamers who do not want to be disturbed by noisy cooling fan noise due to extremely low noise. Lower noise and cooler performance make them more immersive and enjoyable. This becomes possible.
90mm Performance Design Triple Cooling
Fan Designed exclusively for superior cooling, the 90mm triple cooling fan is packed with INNO3D's unending passion for top-notch cooling. The highest quality components are manufactured with sophisticated method to maximize the airflow and provide amazing gaming performance with overwhelming cooling performance.
Fan Design
The fan uses bearings made from Japan where the quatity permits
round-the-clock continous operation. Fan noise is reduced due to the smooth and steady operation allowed by the quality bearings, while the durability is also extended up to 3 times more durable with its dust proof design.
Aluminum Heat Pipe x6 & Aluminum Heat Sink Cooling System
Six 6mm aluminum heat pipes provide excellent cooling performance and large aluminum heat sinks provide overwhelming cooling performance. Compared to the previous generation, it boasts efficient and complete cooling with a wider area, which ensures stable performance even at high clock speeds.
  • Graphics Engine
    NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080

  • Bus Standard
    PCI-E 3.0 X16

  • Video Memory
    8GB GDDR6

  • Engine Clock
    1845 upto 1895

  • CUDA Core

  • Memory Clock

  • Memory Interface

  • Interface
    HDMI 2.0b
    3x DisplayPort 1.4

    1x USB-C and Virtual-link

  • Power Consumption
    Supplementary Power Connectors8+8-pin
    Minimum System Power Requirement (W)650

  • Dimensions

    Length 300mm

    Height 140mm

    Width 3-slot

  • Price

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